What are the conference dates?
Attendees will arrive in Amsterdam on April 30. Registration will open at 11:00am on April 30 and sessions will begin that afternoon. There will be full day and evening programs on May 1, 2, and 3, concluding with our final evening event on the 3rd. All departures will be May 4.

Where will breakfast be served?
Breakfast is served at each hotel and should be eaten before departing for the conference center. Coffee, tea, and light refreshments will be available at the conference venue each morning.

What is the required reading and when will I receive my book?
The required reading is “Impact Players” by Liz Wiseman. You should have received your copy of the book by now, if you have not please feel free to purchase a copy yourself and expense the cost of doing so via Concur.

Dress Code & Packing Tips

What should I pack?
Late April/early May temperatures in Amsterdam are typically 50–60 Fahrenheit, 15–18 Celsius. We hope the sun will shine during our time in Amsterdam, but we recommend layers as the temperature can drop noticeably in the evenings. It might be a good idea to bring a raincoat or an umbrella in case of rain!
Activity: Bring comfortable shoes and attire—something you are comfortable walking (or even running) in.
Footwear: Amsterdam is an exceptionally pedestrian-friendly city, that has been designed with pedestrians and bikes in mind. You can expect that walks of up to ten minutes through the city streets may well be a feature of your time in Amsterdam, so plan your footwear accordingly.

What is the dress code for meetings?
Business casual attire is requested. Meeting rooms can sometimes be cold during the daytime sessions, so please plan accordingly if you are prone to getting chilly.

What should I wear to the evening events?
The dress code for evenings is more relaxed so please wear what you feel comfortable in. For those of you who appreciate specifics, here are a few more details on what you can expect each evening:

April 30: an indoor venue* with a spring theme
May 1: a seated dinner with your fellow program attendees at some of the city’s best (but not formal) restaurants.
May 2: a casual venue that’s perfect for jeans!
May 3: the finale, though not a formal event, promises to be an ELEVATED experience. Wear what you’d typically choose for a big night out!

*all our venues are indoor, but we thought that knowing this information in advance might allow you to wear an outfit suitable for spring without concern for the Dutch elements!


Is attendance mandatory?
Attendance at ELEVATE is optional. Of course we would love for all invited employees to attend, learn, and celebrate this milestone year, but the choice is yours. All we ask is that you decide quickly; if you are not planning to attend, we may be able to offer the spot to someone else who would benefit.

Can I invite my colleagues?
All ELEVATE attendees were selected by leadership teams and senior managers in your division or program. Invitations are not transferrable. If you think someone is missing who should be in attendance, please flag this to your senior manager who will be able to discuss with the program leadership team.

Can I bring a guest?
No guests or plus-ones are allowed. Only invited employees from the TransPerfect family of companies can attend ELEVATE sessions or evening events.


I would like to extend my hotel room at the end of the event, how do I do that?
Please reach out to the ELEVATE team using the contact form below. Someone will share details on who to contact to extend your room at your hotel.

Which hotel will I be staying in?
Hotel accommodations will be assigned and shared once a full attendee list is confirmed. We will be spread across several hotels, all within a ten-minute walk of the conference venue. Please expect to receive details of your hotel reservation in the second half of April.

Can I select my roommate?
Roommates will be assigned within each program (e.g., Sales with Sales) and in consultation with division leadership. With more than 1,000 employees scheduled to attend, we are unable to guarantee roommate preferences.

Will I have to share a room?
TransPerfect company policy is double occupancy rooming. All attendees have the option to pay a supplementary cost—half of the group room rate—if you wish to have your own room. This cost is €125 per night for a four-night total of €500, and you can confirm this option when you complete your travel request.

I work in the Amsterdam office; will I get a hotel room for the conference?
Local attendees will not be staying at the conference hotels. Your travel expenses to and from the hotel and evening events are reimbursable. Should you wish to stay at the hotel for the duration of the conference, you have the option to pay to do so. If you are interested in this option, please reach out using the contact form.

Can I book my own hotel?
No, all hotel accommodations are being handled centrally.

Can I have a late check-in or early check-out?
Early check-in and late check-out are at the discretion of each hotel. Please contact your hotel when assigned to discuss.


How do I book my travel for this event?
Once you have registered, look out for an email inviting you to fill out a travel request. Upon completing this form, you will receive a ticket from the travel team, and soon after they should be in touch to discuss travel options. Please be patient as there are more than 1,000 itineraries to book, rest assured the team will get to your request.

Can I book my own flight?
No, all travel for ELEVATE should be booked by the TransPerfect travel team. You will not be reimbursed for flights you have booked yourself.

Can I arrive early, or leave late?
If you would like to arrive early or leave late for personal reasons, assuming you have your manager’s written approval to do so, you may make a special request. Please note that any difference in fare resulting from the fulfilment of a special request must be paid by the individual who requested it. Additional hotel night costs outside of April 30–May 3 will need to be covered by the individual and we cannot guarantee availability within the hotel at which you will be booked. The marcomm or travel teams will not handle early arrival bookings, so our recommendation is to make your reservation independently. In some cases, it may be possible to extend your conference hotel room after May 3.

I see there are sessions on the afternoon of April 30; if I am flying in on a red-eye can I arrive a day early?
We recognize that many people will be traveling a long way, including a large number of overseas journeys. We have planned the agenda to allow for some time to get settled upon landing before sessions start that afternoon. The company is not covering arrivals earlier than April 30. If you wish to request an early arrival, you are responsible for 100% of airfare differences and hotel room costs, and we are unable to guarantee that you will have a room at the hotel you are booked at for the conference.

I’d like to extend my trip; can I request a specific flight?
Yes assuming you have your manager’s approval to do so (in writing) you may make a special request. Please note that any difference in fare resulting from the fulfilment of a special request must be paid by the individual who requested it. Typically, this can be deducted from your next expense payment via Concur.

I need to change my flight/I’ve lost my e-ticket/my flight has been canceled. Whom should I contact?
If you have any issues with your ticket you should reach out to the travel team at travelsupport@transperfect.com for assistance. Many day-of-travel challenges are best handled by directly contacting the airline, so you may wish to try this first.

I need a visa to travel to the Netherlands; how do I get this?
Please complete your travel request and note that you require a visa in the comments section on that form. The travel team should book you a flexible ticket. Once you have done this, you should reach out to HR-Netherlands@transperfect.com to discuss your specific case and get the process started. If proof of hotel accommodation in Amsterdam is required for your visa, HR will reach out to the ELEVATE planning team directly on this matter.

Registration & Agenda

How do I access the app?
The app is not yet live but will be soon. When it is, we will send out an invitation to all attendees to download the app and set up their profile.

When will the final conference program be released?
You can expect to learn details of the conference and program sessions the week of April 18.

What track am I in?
You should have been invited to ELEVATE to attend a specific program, either CS, Legal, Production, Sales, or Technology. Shared services and leadership teams will have separate instructions for their program/track.

Can I choose which sessions to attend?
Sessions are pre-determined by your manager and/or leadership team. You will be able to find your personalized agenda for ELEVATE in the mobile app, and we do ask that you stick to the sessions that have been assigned for you.

When and where do I register and pick-up my name-badge?
Registration will open at Beurs van Berlage at 11:00am on Saturday, April 30. Please keep your name badge with you at all times, including during the day at the conference and also at the evening events.


Will meals be provided?
All meals will be provided from lunch on April 30 to breakfast at your hotel on May 4. To cover the cost of meal expenses incurred during travel days to and from Amsterdam, every ELEVATE attendee will be able to claim a set one-off amount of €45 via Concur.

What other expenses will be covered?
Home to airport transportation: TransPerfect will cover the cost of your travel to and from your home airport. Please refer to the company’s reimbursable expense guidelines for details on what you are authorised to claim.
Schiphol Airport transportation:Each attendee has a maximum budget of €35 each way for airport transportation (€70 in total including tax and tip) for airport transportation. The train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the City Centre is quick and easy and we’d encourage all travellers to do this. Uber is also an option. please share Ubers with fellow attendees where possible. Please note taxis from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Centre are expensive and the cost of this option will be more than your airport transportation budget.
COVID-19 testing: If applicable, TransPerfect will cover the cost of a rapid COVID-19 test (not PCR) if it is required to enter the Netherlands from your home country or to return to your home country from the Netherlands. If you require a PCR test, you must seek prior approval to claim expense for this from the ELEVATE team (use the Contact Us form).
Other expenses: If you have any other questions related to expenses for this trip, please refer to the company reimbursement guidelines, which can be found on Central.

How do I claim my expenses?
Expenses are claimed through Concur. If you are not familiar with this process, you can find further details of how to set up and account and claim expenses on Central.


What are the entry requirements for the Netherlands?
These vary depending on your country of origin and your vaccination status. Please refer to the Government of Netherlands website for more details.

My home country requires hotel quarantine stays when returning from the Netherlands; will TransPerfect cover the cost of this?
The rules are constantly changing and we hope that by early May a lot of countries will have removed the need to quarantine in a hotel. If this is a requirement for you, then please make a note of it on your travel request form and work with the travel team to facilitate the booking of this when they finalise your flights.

Are you worried about this event being impacted by COVID-19 regulations?
We are confident that the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the event will be minimal, and the trend seems to be toward more loosening of restrictions. We will adhere to all legal requirements around COVID-19 at the time of the conference.

What COVID-19 precautions will be taken at ELEVATE?
We will follow all legal requirements around COVID-19 at the time of the conference. Details of those can be found here.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend ELEVATE?
It is possible there will be restrictions or other requirements to enter the Netherlands at the time of ELEVATE, and we will follow all legal requirements at the time of the conference.

Will TransPerfect cover the cost of COVID-19 testing for travel?
If testing is required for travel from your country of origin, TransPerfect will cover the cost of a rapid/antigen COVID-19 testing. If you require a PCR test, you must seek prior approval to claim expense for this from the ELEVATE team (use the Contact Us form).

Will there be on-site testing at ELEVATE?
We will have on-site testing available on Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3 for all those who require it for departure travel. You will be able to book a slot on-site, once you have checked-in and registered. Please note tests will be antigen as standard and PCR on request only. For non-travel related testing requirements the ELEVATE planning team has details of testing locations close to the conference venue.


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